Keith R. Kelchner

Current Owner and CEO of 2HIREaHandyman

Handyman Services

We have provided a wide range of construction and handyman services to over 6,000 clients since 2006.

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We Do It All!

Keith's company 2HIREaHandyman is a general contractor in Acworth, GA specializing in home improvements and handyman services.

Need to hire a handyman? Then you can also visit and discover how handy Keith Kelchner actually is! His wife Kat will attest to just how nice it is to live in a house where everything actually works.

With over 40+ years experience in real estate development, construction and rehabilitation, Keith has renovated hundreds of houses for real estate professionals and as an investor himself. With an eye on his son and 3 grandsons to build it for the future Keith established 2HIREaHandyman as a division of his construction and real estate businesses, making his lifelong experiences and skills available to homeowners in the North Metro area.

Keith’s business differs from the typical semi skilled handyman just trying to make a few bucks. Keith and his employees [no jacklegs allowed, most have decades of experience] are insured and share a vast background in the work. 2HIREaHandyman stresses communicating with the customer, showing up as scheduled, coming organized for the job and working hard to complete tasks as planned. 2HIREaHandyman emphasizes professionalism, a solid customer focus and accessibility. Keith’s efforts to achieve an outstanding result for the customer are obvious from the many testimonials he has received. Obvious from the many testimonials he has received.

2HIREaHandyman and our subcontractor labor are personally overseen by Keith on all projects. He and his technicians use the right tools for the job and consistently deliver quality results. They schedule jobs immediately, are prompt and professional, and offer master craftsmanship to solve home repair and renovation issues…all for a reasonable price!

2HIREaHandyman specializes in major renovations and minor honey-do repairs. Keith also provides professional estimating services for large and small jobs and applies any fees to your project if you select 2HIREaHandyman to complete the job. Check out more services on, including interior and exterior repairs and renovations, kitchen and bathroom projects including installation of appliances and associated plumbing and electrical work.

For your next major home project or minor home repair, contact Keith Kelchner at 2HIREaHandyman for guaranteed satisfaction. To arrange a meeting or request an estimate for labor and materials, for your next major home project or minor home repair, contact Keith Kelchner at 2HIREaHandyman to arrange a meeting or request an estimate for labor and materials.

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