Keith R. Kelchner



  • Member 5 championship track teams
  • Member 3 championship football teams
  • Member 1 college championship team
  • 5 military honor graduates awards
  • Member ISHNA awarded engineer/co. US Army
  • Top performer in numerous positions over the last 40+ yrs

I work well under pressure. I love being challenged to produce new and possibly creative solutions. I enjoy finding peoples strengths.

I have over 100,000 dollars worth of professional training beyond college.

I have survived 60+ years and 3.5+ million dollars worth of challenges, capricious government, and economic change, things both good and bad. Over all fortune has been good. Today I have a tremendous experience base from which to work.

Admittedly I perform best when challenged. My children and being able to maintain perspective are my greatest accomplishments. Life can and will be difficult from time to time. It is not personal it is just life. Being able to adjust and grow and over come while continuing to smile and enjoy life are important.

I am an intelligent, creative problem solver with confidence and patience wrought out of a great experience base.

I am a visual pragmatic ideally suited for leadership rolls that make use of my assertive and mission oriented nature. I have a record of performing well in such positions. My advance training and experience base allow for adeptly recognizing patterns and directly applying my skills.

A sales manager would tell you to match and mirror to create high levels of rapport first. Experience teaches you to perceive & discover another’s principle means of communicating first. Then you must speak their language. Analytical personalities like to be right, pragmatics to win, extroverts to have fun and the solids to be able to say yes. The good manager secretly knows whither to speak to their eyes, ears or hearts.

Decision making is not difficult but having the right intelligence with which to make that decision may be. Proper goals and excellent planning will make decisions obvious. Leading troops to what could be their deaths can be a heady experience. Turns in the economy will represent the greatest challenges to most managers. In the late 80's I survived tax reform and global shifts in our industry that put 50% of all the developers in the country out of business. In the 90's I survived an almost total shift in the financial markets. Knowing when to adapt in today’s market may be the best kept of all secrets.

Over the years I have grown from a pusher to a leader. My patience and a claim nature serve today to allow people to be the best that can be. With experience I have learned how to best place people in positions that allow for their greatest contributions. I accept that they can only be the best god intended them to be.

Know your people and handle each individually from their center. God in his infinite wisdom made many different kinds of people. All that each should have his or her purpose. Put the right person in the job and manage them with sensitivity to their modalities and inherent nature.

Successful outcomes are usually the result of excellent planning.

  1. Have clearly written "Goals" short and long term.
  2. Have concise written "Plans" that constitute answers to the many questions of price, time and commitment.
  3. Have a formal "Commitment", your own personal wine and dine and sign session where you agree to pay that price to achieve that goal.
  4. Get "Started" create momentum, "Ready-Fire-Aim". Do something constructive today.
  5. "Persist", always make your errors going forward, learn, adjust, correct and retry. Determine not to be defeated.

Performance and Key Accomplishments of this American Success Story

A Seasoned Performer and Survivor of Economic, Business & Personal Adversity

  • Creator Of The First Web-Based One-Stop Shopping Hub For Real Estate Investors
  • Fourteen Automated Self-Perpetuating Profit-Making Web-Based Companies.
  • Expert In All Aspects Of Real Estate Business, Planning, Development, Purchasing, And Finance
  • Proven Ability To Develop And Lead A Dozen Multimillion Dollar Projects Per Year And Run Them All Profitably
  • Lifelong Adaptability In Surmounting Harsh Economic Conditions
    Survived And Thrived, First During Global Shifts In Industry That Decimated Half The Developers Nationwide, Then Amid A Near-Total Shift In The Financial Markets
  • Increased Sales Over 400% First Year Of My Leadership Of 15 Sales Reps For The Connecticut Territory
  • Negotiated Purchase Of 52 Properties For 38% Of Actual Value, Buying And Closing 24 In One Marathon Session
  • Designed, Planned, Implemented & Conducted More Than 50 Seminars

25 PLUS Years Progressive Innovative Leadership In Sales, Investing and Management, Acquiring Rehabilitating & Selling Real Property For Real Profit

Specialties • Skills • Expertise

A Skilled Professional Recruiter, Trainer & Developer
Primary Management & Administrative Leadership
Outstanding Interpersonal Communications
Marketing And Seminar Instruction
A Sales & Marketing Strategist
New Account Development
System(s) Development
Web-Based Solutions
Loan Underwriting
Deal Prospecting
Real Estate

Hallmarks Of Distinction

  • THROUGH THE RANKS - Rose from sales rep through four levels of organization to Senior Marketing Manager within three years
  • Managed 30+ sales reps and 3 sales offices for leading $700 Million per year development company
  • Conducted marketing seminars four times per week for up to 50 professionals
  • Participated in a bankruptcy liquidation of over 400 properties Counseled
  • Lead the Charles J. Givens Delta-Group financial meetings for over 8,000 members in Atlanta
  • A party to hundreds upon hundreds of real estate transactions
  • Cultivating and sustaining consistently superior client satisfaction ratings
  • Intuitive assessment of property quality using best case - worst case scenario
  • Ability to make accurate projections ahead of schedule for every aspect of a deal
  • A visual pragmatist who can estimate costs in his head
  • An assertive, dogged, mission-oriented creative problem-solver

Career: Companies • Positions • History

    CEO and Owner, 2003-Present
    REMM, INC, Atlanta, Georgia, 1989 to 2003
    The First Web-based One Stop Shop For Real Estate
    Chief Executive Officer
    Created and headed 14 Limited Liability Companies
    Real Estate MasterMinds, LLC Atlanta, Georgia, 1983 to 1989
    Real Estate Investor/Entrepreneur
    General Development Corporation Syracuse, New York 1981 to 1983
    Sr. Marketing Manager
    New England Telediscount Telsystems Corporation, Syracuse, New York, 1971 to 1980
    Sales Manager